2015 WASUSA Neilsen Athlete Registration Grant Program

            (Note: When athlete/coach clicks on the "Register For The Program" hyperlink you will be leaving the NJDC Site)

The Program:                                                                                                                            

  • WASUSA, in cooperation with the Neilsen Foundation and the 2015 NJDC Local Organizing Committee has arranged to offer 32 returning NJDC Spinal Cord Injury* (SCI) Athletes and 10 new to NJDC SCI athletes free registration to this year’s NJDC. 
    This is at least a  $175.00 Value

  • The Program is meant to promote and to increase  SCI Athletes participation at the 2015 NJDC New Jersey.

Who & How do you win?

  • Athletes who are Full WASUSA Members and have one of the SCI included diagnosis's (see below) are eligible.

  • Athletes must sign up for the program by clicking on the REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM hyperlink,  complete the on-line application and hit the submit line.

  • You must compete in regional competitions in the sport(s) of Track, and/or Field, and/or Swimming, and/or Archery and/or Power Lifting or at other meets (For other meets you must submit a properly filled out proof of performance form).

  • Athletes’ will be ranked in comparison to 2015 NJDC standards or National Records by Sex, Class and Age Group.  The athlete will then be given a score for their performance.  All scores will than be ranked against scores from all classes and age groups.  (points = performance/national record (or standard if NR is not available)).

  • Who will be awarded the Grants?

    • Returning SCI Athletes Males or Females (Awards will be split between Male and Females wherever possible).

      • Top scoring 2 Male or Female SCI Power Lifters.

      • Top scoring 8 Male or Female Swimmers.

      • Top scoring 10 Male or Female Track.

      • Top scoring 10  Male or Female Field.

      • Top scoring 2 Male or Female Archers.

    • New to NJDC Athletes: (Awards will be split between Male and Females wherever possible).

      • Top scoring 10 Male or Female Athletes, from all sports.

Entry Process?

  • Athletes who would like to be considered for the program should register by clicking the area "REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM" Above.

  • To register the athlete will have to fill in ALL QUESTIONS on the application and submit.

  • The LOC will then acknowledge the receipt of the registration, check WASUSA membership, classification and acknowledge your entry into the program.  In a few cases the LOC may ask for follow up information to verify your SCI diagnosis.

  • The athlete does not have to report results from WASUSA Sanctioned Meets.  Athletes competing at non WASUSA sanctioned meets must send a copy of the Proof of Performance Form (properly signed) to the LOC Neilsen e-mail address .

  • The athlete should at the proper time, fill in the NJDC registration paperwork checking the SCI Athlete box and submit their registration form with a separate check for the potential Neilsen Registration Grant amount verses other NJDC expenses.

  •  If selected,  the Registration check will not be cashed and either be destroyed or returned.

When will you know if you were chosen?

  • Results of all meets and points per event will be shown on the website, as soon as possible. 
    The athlete will see their points verses others on the site..

  • A formal notification to all who applied will be sent on or about June 30th.

  • Unfortunately Meets contested or Proof of Performance forms received after the NJDC deadline will not be evaluated for the Grant so that families and athletes understand their financial commitment as soon as possible.

Who is included in the SCI classification?

  • Traumatic SCI; Typically as a result of a traumatic event (ie: accident, fall, etc.)

  • Chronic SCI;     Typically individuals that have had surgical intervention that resulted in spinal injury
    (ie: cancer, spina bifida).

  • SCI does NOT include spinal stenosis, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, or MD.